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Curriculum Focus Areas
Kinesthetic &Physical Development:

The foundation stage is about improving skills in coordination, manipulation and control. Physical development has two very important aspects: it helps children gain confidence in what they do and also enables them to feel the positive benefits of keeping healthy.

Children naturally love to jump, hop, bounce, roll, climb, catch, balance and stretch and they have the opportunity to do so here under careful supervision.
Practical Life activities and manipulative play help to develop the motor skills, development control & coordination of movement, sense of order, independence, concentration, responsibility of self and environment, good work habits, attention & positive self image.

Learning through senses -
As children learn fastest through senses, they will be involved in activities that stimulate their learning senses based on a logical learning sequence needed for neurological and intellectual development in an orderly manner.
Mathematical Grains Cognitine
Mathematic material is designed to give the child a sound understanding of early number concepts, number and their relationship. Work is always introduced in a simple and sensorial way so that the child can see, hold and feel a number or concept and gradually be led to an abstract understanding.
Language Stimulus
Language stimulus session lays the spotlight on communication skills. It is aimed at honing the children's ability to talk, listen & converse in a supportive & dynamic environment. It is a fun & effective way to develop child's confidence, imagination, creativity& concentration skills. It is an integral part of our Bloomz Programmes. The process of absorbing communication & expressing is encouraged.
A vibrant environment that helps the child gain knowledge and understading of the world, develop positive and caring attitude towards natural environment and respect for all. One time to is become inquirers, thinkers, knowledgeable, open-minded and sensitive.
Music & Movement
A music-and-movement programme that develops rhythm and coordination in your child in order for him/her to express himself/herself.
Role Play -
The role play area enables the children to use their imagination. It builds confidence, encouraging cooperation and intervention amongst themselves. It offers a wider knowledge of their dresses and of people who help in the community.
Creative Art/Play:
Creativity is fundamental to successful learning. Being creative enables children to make connections between one area of learning to another, allowing him/her to extend his/her understanding.
Sand/water play:
This area provides endless scope and opportunity. Sand and water play holds a sensory experience and encourages manipulative skills (eg. Pouring accurately). It also provides a soothing effect, promotes concentration and leads to imaginative play. It provides an outlet for mathematical and scientific discoveries (eg. Volume, capacity, floating and sinking and weight). Sand and water play also give rich opportunities for language building.
Circle Time - Free Play
Our Circle time/ free play programmes are all uniquely characterized by our singular focus on supporting children's overall development in the most loving, motivating & meaningful manner possible. We do what comes innately & naturally to children- we play. This is a time at the beginning of each session for your child to settle in & get reacquainted with the people & the environment
Parent involvement Activities
We greatly encourage you to join in & be a model of participation for your child.

  • Respond to sound with sound, speech with speech.
  • Find time to 'sit & talk' to your baby everyday.
  • Make your language clear. Don't mumble (Babble).
  • Tie words to actions
  • Help children communicate with gestures.
  • In your conversation, help children learn to think.
  • Ask a lot of questions.
  • Make language happy & positive.
  • Read, read, read to your child.
  • Last but not the least ………. “Listen to your child”.
Shared Story Time
Story time session is important to set a good example of attentive listening to your child. Don't let a day go by without reading at least one book to her, preferably two or three. Make library trips family rituals. Let her point to the pictures as you say certain worlds 'Show me the dog' So Read, read, read to your child and coax him/her to do picture reading and cook a story.
Tummy Time
Remember, Tummy Time should be a fun time along with a snack pack consisting of a protein-rich food, a carbohydrate-laden food & a pieces of fruits. Tummy Time is an opportunity to introduce children with different foods, to the social graces, rituals of eating & drinking while sitting amongst peers. Tummy Time is a chance for your child to experience food by tasting, feeling, eating, squashing, mashing or crumbling. It is meant to be a sensorial learning experience.
Just Dance
Dance with me is a fun & energetic singing- a long session where everyone participates with their nuances & bodies. Create a lively musical environment to encourage physical expression & to enhance your child's enjoyment & learning of language. Enjoy fun packed dance sessions with your child at home, thus developing his physical control, mobility, awareness of space & manipulative skills.
Imaginative play.
Our aim therefore is not merely to make the children understand, and still less to force them memories, but to touch their imagination so as to enthuse them to their inner said by Dr Maria Montssorie
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